General Litigation and cases of interest

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December 13, 2016
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March 27, 2020

General Litigation and cases of interest

    • Country Lumber v Coast Modular Installations Ltd et al 2013-05-30 PDF (link broken)
      • Successfully applied to set aside an order granting default Judgment in circumstances where the Defendant entrusted her spouse to handle the matter but he did not properly inform her about the proceedings.


    • Regina V Christopher Owen McCoy,  March 2, 2012, Surrey Provincial Court, 179775-2KC (PDF Only) (Links to Magellan should link to PDF I will forward a new copy)
      • Successfully defended a client in criminal proceedings
    • WCAT-2010-02543 (Re), 2010 CanLII 75630 (BC WCAT)
      • Successfully defended an application by ICBC on behalf of the defendants to have the Plaintiff in a Motor Vehicle accident declared to be a Worker and thus barred from pursuing court proceedings to compensate her for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident.


    • R. v. Elliott, 2009 BCPC 42 (CanLII) — 2009-01-23
      • Defence of a person charge with driving over 0.8 on the basis that there had been inordinate delay.


    • BCSPCA v. Baker, 2008 BCSC 947 (CanLII) — 2008-08-28
      • An application for double costs based upon an offer settle.


    • Chatwin v. SPCA, 2008 BCSC 796 (CanLII) — 2008-03-04
      • Successfully challenged the procedure that animals were seized and held without a fair hearing and the matter was remitted for a new hearing.


    • BCSPCA v. Baker, 2007 BCSC 1717 (CanLII) — 2007-11-30
      • Successfully defended a summary trial application by the SPCA for costs of care on the basis that the Defendant was not an owner under the Act.