About Duncan Magnus

Duncan Magnus

Trial lawyer Surrey
Duncan Magnus is a Trial Lawyer. He is passionate about advocating on behalf of his clients, whether in court, arbitration or in mediation. Duncan’s practice focuses on litigation and dispute resolution of all kinds. Duncan has handled cases in estate litigation, shareholder disputes, personal injury, commercial litigation (including construction and builders’ liens, real estate and contractual disputes, collections, foreclosures, administrative law and judicial review), employment and wrongful dismissal.
When asked why he is a lawyer, Duncan has the following to say about his motivation of being an advocate…
I was born with a cleft palate, which meant that I did not have the ability to speak until a number of surgeries occurred. I had those surgeries as a young child. When I was 4 years old, I was put into school on the advice of my doctor, as it would force me to speak. While I had the physical ability to speak it was a learning process for me and I was very quiet and reserved. Essentially, I did not have a voice. I have three brothers, one of whom is named Brad, who has Down’s syndrome. He has trouble communicating and needed help in the school system. When I was in high school, I became involved with helping him. I found strength and purpose in doing this. I found my voice advocating on his behalf taking up his cause and helping him. This passion to help others and to advocate on their behalf has continued and shaped my life. Now I help others by advocating on behalf of them – giving them a voice and guiding them through their problems.

Duncan has represented clients at all levels of court in British Columbia (as well as Federal Court) in trials, hearings and appeals. He also represents clients at arbitration and mediation. He has also represented clients at a number of tribunals and administrative hearings. Duncan is an elected member of the CBABC Provincial Council. He is on the Board of Directors for Langley for the Langley Children’s Society. He is the former President of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and of the Fraser Valley Bar Association He has volunteered for Canadian Down’s Syndrome Society, the Variety Club; and the British Columbia Association for Community Living. He has also lectured on issues relating to Shareholder disputes, winding up businesses, employment law and employment standards. Prior to moving to Langley, Duncan was raised on a family farm on Salt Spring Island, BC, and managed it part-time for over a decade. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1995, and his Bachelor of Laws in 2000 both from the University of Victoria. Duncan lives in Langley with his wife and two daughters who occupy his free time. Duncan also is an avid runner, enjoying marathons.

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